1-on-1 ABA

PLAY ABA provides 1-on-1 ABA services for children from age toddler to school age in their homes or in the community providing 1-on-1 individualized fun and motivating teaching that is tailored to each child’s interests and learning style.  A Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) conducts an individualized assessment and parent interviews in order to design a tailored program for you child that takes into account your family’s goals and the child’s strengths and interests.


A Behavior Technician (BT) will be matched with your child and will be the one to provide the bulk of the direct services.  The BCBA will provide guidance and supervision to the Behavior Technician on implementing the program and will monitor progress through the documentation the BT collects as well as direct observation weekly to continually adjust the program for optimum progress.

In order to ensure that your child learns to generalize the skills he/she has developed in session, the BCBA will collaborate with your child’s teachers and therapists as well as conduct ongoing observations at home, at school and in the community to maintain a clear picture of your child’s progress applying their new skills in their everyday life.


Common Objectives in 1-on-1 ABA Intervention

  • Communication skills
  • Independent play skills
  • Play with peers
  • Social skills / engagement with others
  • Tolerating change and disappointment
  • Intolerance to textures / messy play

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