Parent Training

parent-trainingResearch shows that there are many reasons for parents to be active participants in their child's ABA treatment.  First, when parents understand and utilize the same strategies and reinforce the same behaviors as their ABA team, there is a greater generalization of the skills their child is learning.  This leads to improved outcomes.  Almost as important, parent involvement is shown to reduce parental stress.  Once a parent has a better understanding of ABA principles and a toolkit of strategies they can go on to problem solve on their own when parenting challenges arise.  

PLAY ABA wants all the parents of the children they serve to become empowered   to help guide their child through the many ups and downs of growing up.  To facilitate this learning the BCBA working on the team will have a parent training session every other week in addition to the regular meetings to discuss progress and goals.  Parents are also encouraged to observe and participate in sessions and to ask questions of the team. 

Since we began this journey as parents, we at PLAY ABA remember how helpful our team was and we want to be there for you now.  We are are always here to answer any of your questions.

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