Teen Social Skills Class

peers-class-for-teensChildren with ASD struggle to learn successful strategies for forming and maintaining friendships.  As they progress through middle and high school they often find themselves more and more being on the outside of everything, alienated from their peers.  Now is the time to get the help you, and your child need!

Play ABA offers an adolescent social skills training group. The program will be using the PEERS curriculum.  This is an evidence-based program designed and implemented at UCLA’s Semel Institute for Neurosciences and Human Behavior.  Utilizing the principals of Applied Behavior Analysis, it emphasizes learning and practicing behaviors that make socialization more successful.  The 14-week program will consist of weekly 1.5 hour meetings.  While the students are learning and practicing, the parents are taught in a separate room how to assist their children in applying what they learned in real world situations.  Each session is important, so attendance at all the sessions increases the extent of the progress each adolescent experiences.


Topics of Instruction:

  • How to use appropriate conversational skills
  • How to find common interests by trading information
  • How to appropriately use humor
  • How to enter and exit conversations between peers
  • How to be a good host during get-togethers
  • How to make phone calls to friends
  • How to choose appropriate friends
  • How to be a good sport
  • How to handle arguments and disagreements
  • How to change a bad reputation
  • How to handle rejection, teasing, and bullying
  • How to handle rumors and gossip

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